Jack Canfield

16 Inspirational Success Quotes from Jack Canfield

Who knows inspiration and encouragement better than Jack Canfield? As co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that have been around for over 20 years, Canfield has written and spoken many truths that can be motivational in almost any scenario. For life-hackers, entrepreneurs, and success-seekers, here are 16 of Canfield’s most inspirational quotes. […]

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Happy Face

Sumo Hacks’ Top 10 in 2015

With the New Year at our fingertips, eagerness comes easy. We’re all excited to enjoy new beginnings, resolutions, and whatever else 2016 might have in store. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and proclaim the quintessential “that’s a wrap” on 2015, it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on the successes of […]

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Tim ferriss

9 Ways Tim Ferriss Can Teach You About the Life Hacking Mindset

I don’t think Tim Ferriss needs an introduction. If the name doesn’t ring the bell you should look him up. Tim is the Author of thee #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers (including my favorite The 4-Hour Workweek). Investor, and host of The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Above all, Tim is a world-class life hacker who utilizes the principles […]

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Mark Cuban Quote 3

8 Inspirational Quotes from Mark Cuban to Achieve Success

Mark Cuban isn’t technically the definition of success, but he comes pretty close! He’s a businessman, investor, author, film producer, philanthropist, and much much more. He’s known for his savvy business acumen and his no nonsense approach to success. Knowing all this, it makes sense to look to him for inspirational quotes about achieving your […]

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