8 Essential Travel Tools for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, I’m always looking for tools to help me stay productive and organized while I’m traveling. From sorting my inbox to organizing loyalty points. From collecting virtual business cards to converting currencies. There’s a tool for everything, many of which are available for free.

Check out these 8 highly-rated and widely used travel tools to help you stay on task while you’re on the road. You’ll never want to travel without them!

Essential Travel Tools

All your loyalty activity in one place, with one login. Store and organize 110+ airline, hotel, retail, and credit card programs from around the globe in your wallet. Sure beats having all these cards hanging off your keychain or stuffed in your wallet!


Use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. This tools is a huge timesaver at conferences and events where you meet several people through the course of the day. Simply scan in cards and you’ll have a new colleague in your phone.


XE Currency Converter

Need to calculate currencies on-the-go? With the XE Currency App, you can access live exchange rates, view historical charts, and calculate prices on your smartphone or tablet. With over 25 million downloads worldwide, this FREE app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Firefox OS devices.

XE Currency App

Wi-Fi Finder

Over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide! Quickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the JiWire Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch. Traveling entrepreneurs simply can’t exist without Wi-Fi, so this tool (or something like it) is invaluable.

WIFI Finder

Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward’s door-to-door luggage shipping service is easy, safe and guaranteed to arrive on time. You can breeze through the airport when you ship luggage to your hotel, cruise line, golf course, residence or office where it will be awaiting your arrival. Luggage shipping provides total travel convenience.

Luggage Forward


GateGuru is the first door-to-door solution for a traveler on their day-of travel. GateGuru on the mobile device radically transforms the day-of travel experience. Check arrivals and departures, find airline information, and research rental cars all in one app.

Gate Guru


Expense reports that don’t suck! Hassle-free expense reporting built for employees and loved by admins. Quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions. Capture mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses. Code expenses to GL accounts, clients/projects, and custom fields


Prey Project

Getting your laptop or your phone stolen sucks, but there is something you can do about it. Prey is a lightweight theft protection software that lets you keep an eye over them whether in town or abroad, and helps you recover them if ever lost or stolen.

Prey Project

I know there are a ton of other great travel tools out there. What’s your favorite and why?

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