Become a Globetrotting Digital Nomad. A How-to.

In the latest episode of Sumo Hacks’ Life Hacking Podcast, Matt invited Ryan Biddulph, a successful pro blogger, globetrotting nomad, and author of “Solopreneur Ronin: Break the Chains, Earn Your Freedom, and Engineer a Happy Life Blogging from Anywhere,” to walk you through a blueprint he laid out in his book to become a traveling nomad.

Fiji Ryan Biddulph NomadRyan(@RyanBiddulph) explains how you can build a successful and profitable business blogging to free you from the 9-5 and open up the world for you to explore.

Ryan has done it himself. He was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. After being employed in a series of corporate jobs Ryan worked for 4 years as a security guard at Port Newark, NJ before being downsized. He went on to become globe trotting nomadic professional blogger who owns the website Blogging from Paradise.

Ryan enjoys touching as many lives as possible; he remembers how frustrating it was during the early days of working online, looking for affordable, dependable online resources.

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In his spare time he enjoys exercising, meditating and reading. He also pets tigers, feeds exotic monkeys from his back porch and travels the globe as a full time digital nomad, calling tropical locales like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica his home. Ryan currently lives in Jimbaran, Bali with his wife Kelli.

globrotting digital nomad ryan blogging paradise

What Ryan decided to create for himself – and what he teaches others to emulate – was: build an online business that will bring you financial freedom so that you can live a nomadic lifestyle.

We brought Ryan on the show to share his story and to to help you do the same. And done right it will give you the financial freedom and the time freedom to travel and do the things you love, when you want to do them and with the people who matter most in your life.

Listen to Matt’s interview Ryan on Sumo Hacks Podcast on iTunes to learn how to:

  • Break the chains of 9-to-5 limiting lifestyle
  • Build financial freedom using Internet marketing, social media, and blogging
  • Create and monetize content from anywhere in the world
  • Use smart resources and tools to travel affordably to any location
  • Create a new, exciting life (even late in life when you think you are stuck and helpless)
  • Avoid common traveling mistakes and pitfalls
  • Learn smart travel hacking techniques and strategies

Get Ryan’s book, Solopreneur Ronin: Break the Chains, Earn Your Freedom, and Engineer a Happy Life Blogging from Anywhere, to learn smart, tried-and-proven techniques to become a digital nomad.

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Are you ready to become a globe-trotting digital nomad? Here are resources to help you get started.

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    Thanks SO much man. What a fun time.


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