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Tim ferriss

9 Ways Tim Ferriss Can Teach You About the Life Hacking Mindset

I don’t think Tim Ferriss needs an introduction. If the name doesn’t ring the bell you should look him up. Tim is the Author of thee #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers (including my favorite The 4-Hour Workweek). Investor, and host of The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Above all, Tim is a world-class life hacker who utilizes the principles […]

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Albert Einstein Quotes

8 Quotes from Albert Einstein that Will Change the Way You Think

Everyone loves a good quote, right? Especially when the quote comes from a great mind like Albert Einstein. This eccentric genius gave us hundreds (if not thousands) of memorable lines that will inspire, motivate, and encourage us all. We’ve rounded up 8 quotes from Albert Einstein that will change the way you think. Read them, […]

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