Full-Contact Life Hacking

Hello, I’m Matthew Capala.

I believe everyone can engineer an extraordinary lifestyle.

With emphasis on ‘engineer.’

To me, success is about doing what you love and living the life you want. It’s about living on your own terms and being true to yourself.

What is life hacking?

Life hacking is about accelerating your success; it’s about getting ‘there’ quicker, it’s about living ‘it.’ It’s about living a richer life because you are able to do more.

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I’ve lived multiple lives, had many careers, and started numerous businesses. It’s been a roller coaster; often against the odds.

I grew up in Poland, and immigrated to New York over a decode ago where I’ve lived many lives: matthew capalaconstruction worker, scaffold operator, waiter, marketing manager, ad agency executive, business owner,  professional speaker, author, NYU Professor, and – eventually – laptop entrepreneur. In the meantime, I’ve acquired three academic degrees (including an MBA), written three books, spoken at over a hundred events all over the world, built a number of businesses (recently Alphametic) and websites (including

Early on, I realized that climbing the ‘traditional’ ladder others defined for me is no longer the safest way to a prosperous life.

The Internet and rapid globalization have shaken our core belief system to its core, and changed the rules of the game forever. These new tools allow anybody to define success on his/her own terms. The gatekeeper is finally out.

Mighty industries are being disrupted, the post-2009 economic recovery has been largely jobless. Automation and outsourcing has made many traditional white collar professions obsolete. Blue collar jobs have been in decline for decades, and it’s very unlikely that they will ever be coming back.

The rules of the old game were simple: fit in, follow orders, pay your dues, and — above all — don’t challenge the ‘status quo.’

Today, you need to do the opposite.

You need to stand out and define success on your own terms.

Let’s take this journey together.

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Life hacking is about accelerating your success. It’s not as much about setting goals, it’s a about the speed to reach them.

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But….Before you can hack you life, you need to first hack your mind.

Life hacking mindset

Life hacking involves (among other things):

– developing new habits and breaking old ones;

– building relationships and finding mentors;

– becoming a thought leader in a niche;

– mastering social media and blogging;

– developing a personal brand;

– being entrepreneurial and taking risks;

– being healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually);

– developing passive income streams to attain financial freedom;

becoming hyper-productive;

– being present and developing listening skills;

– experimenting and learning to fail forward;

– and, the list goes on.

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What is meta-learning?

The core principle to life hacking is meta-learning, which describes the state of “being aware of and taking control of your own learning.” In order to excel at anything, you need to master it, and do it in a short possible time maximizing your productivity.

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Meta-learning involves doing things and talking to others who have done them before you.

You read and you forget, you do and you remember, you teach others, and you excel.

As you learn, you share your work and teach others who want to accelerate their own success. I call this a meta-business.

Life Hacking Podcast

I launched Sumo Hacks podcast on iTunes to bring the concept of meta-learning to life.

Sumo Hacks podcast offers curated resources, stories and how-tos to accelerate in all walks of life.

Inspired by the principles of meta-learing, Sumo Hacks features immersive life hacking guides, dynamic storytelling, and curation of  top-rated tools.

Check out Sumo Hacks Life Hacking Podcast on iTunes

Matthew Capala Podcasting

Thorough our community of successful entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and thought leaders, we bring rich media life hacking content, including webinars, podcasts, articles, e-books, courses, and guides.

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  1. Krystian Szastok August 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm #

    Love the idea of meta learning and lifehacking!

    Are you guys on soundcloud too and on Stitcher? (Android user here)

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