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Want to get more done in any given day? One of the best ways to make sure you’re maximizing the time you have each day is to get up early. Sounds easy, but that’s not always the case. To help you become an early bird, check out these simple (but very helpful) techniques to wake up early sourced from answers on this trending topic on Quora. We screened the top-rated answers from people who get up early and get things done to distill the best advice for you!

Techniques to Wake Up Early

On Quora, we looked up “What is your personal method for waking up early?” and here are the responses we found most effective:

Going to sleep early

I sleep at around 9 – 9.30 PM usually. I have experimented with different sleep patterns and different sleep cycles. There are a few things that I found out. When I sleep early in the night, it is often easy to wake up early in the morning.

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I set only one alarm

Alarm Clock

When the alarm rings, I always think about the following quote. “THIS IS YOUR LIFE AND IT IS ENDING ONE MINUTE AT A TIME.” A quotation taken from the novel Fight club. I think this is enough for anyone to wake up and start the day.

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Have a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Your body thrives on routine. That’s why you get hungry at certain times–your body has been trained to expect it! Establishing a proper sleeping schedule is no different. Furthermore, having a routine will make it easier to get up early. The bad news is that you should start getting up at the same time everyday, including weekends. I know this may be a struggle, but if you don’t do this, your body will be constantly confused about when it should wake up, and getting up early will be all the more difficult.

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The “Must Have” Ingredient – Smarter Sleep

Here are 3 ways to sleep smarter: i) Sleep in total darkness: Use blackout curtains to block out any lights from the outside. ii) Meditate 10-30 minutes before sleep: I turn off all lights and electronics 10-30 minutes before I sleep. Then I would sit on my couch to meditate. iii) Ban technology from the bedroom: Just like lights from the outside, your phone, tablet and TV are light sources.

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Have something to do the next morning

I went to the gym. Seeing all the fit people up that early in the morning really is an eye opener. These people have been early risers for years. Trust me, when you see these people, you’ll feel like crap when you realise how much of your  precious time you’ve wasted sleeping in. You can alternatively go for a walk/run, but do something. Anything involving exercise.

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Yes, When you take a powernap in between your day, it generates tremendous amount of energy that helps you work productively and keeps you away from Exhaustion (Sometimes, you sleep more than usual if you are exhausted. ) So, effectively, if you sleep 7 hours at a stretch, you can have a cycle of 2 naps of 20 minutes and a sleep of 5 hours at a stretch. This reduces your sleep amount and help you wake up earlier.

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Use the S.A.V.E.R.S method

Each morning should start out with your S.A.V.E.R.S. An acronym that turns out to be:

S = Silence

A = Affirmations

V = Visualization

E = Exercise

R = Reading

S = Scribing (or journaling )

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Have a well-planned routine 


Again, that’s a routine I designed that works really fine for me. You’re free to try it yourself and I hope you can find new ways to improve it and reach your goal. However, my routine is like this:

  • 5am the alarm rings (it’s out of my reach): before I turn it off, I turn on the lights so I’m not inclined to snooze it (which I never do).
  • I get a 1-3 minute cold shower: the cold shower helps me to wake up and put dizziness and sleepiness away.
  • I get dressed for workout.
  • I make a nice breakfast for me and for my family.
  • I meditate for 10 to 15 minutes using Calm app.

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