8 Top Entrepreneurship Presentations on SlideShare

There’s alway something to learn in the world of business and entrepreneurship. A new tool or a sales technique. A listening style or management approach. The possibilities are endless! We’re always curating content from around the web to help our readers expand their knowledge, and today we’re highlighting top entrepreneurship presentations on SlideShare. These have been chosen from the Entrepreneurship category on SlideShare based on the amount of views and likes.

Check out these top entrepreneurship presentations on SlideShare:

Top 10 Things I Learned While Taking My Startup through a Silicon Valley Accelerator by Scott Salkin

9 Strategies to Maximize Your Work Productivity by Steve Scott

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Lessons From My 20s on Life, Entrepreneurship, and The World by Ryan Allis

30 Reasons to Start a Business by Lisa Furgison at

The Art of Branding by Guy Kawasaki

#CultureCode – Here’s how you can have more fun at work by Naomi Simson

Things I will tell my kids if they become entrepreneurs by Laurent Haug

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BEYOND SOLO: Female Entrepreneurs Who Scale Successfully by Bruce Kasanoff

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