8 Top Life Hacking Blogs on the Web

One of the best things about being a life hacker is that you always have an open mind to more information, inspiration, and ideas from fellow life hackers. That’s what makes us grow and get better at what we do! Whenever I have a few extra minutes, I look to other lifestyle blogs to sharpen my mind and keep myself on track. There are so many great bloggers with incredible stories and useful ideas out there; here are 8 of my favorite:

Buffer Blog

Efficient productivity is the focus at Buffer. Their blog has three categories (with a fourth in the works) that offer insight into greater productivity, development, and creativity. Because Buffer is a social media management tool at heart, a big section of their blogs is about creating optimal social media content, which is very helpful. Otherwise, you can always visit this blog for inspiration for a better workplace, happier company culture, or more genuine inventiveness.

4 Hour Work Week Blog by Tim Ferriss

If you haven’t done so already, bring yourself up to speed by reading Tim Ferriss’s bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek. Once you get a feel for this author’s serious dedication and expertise of life hacking, you’ll understand why I think his blog is one of the best. Much of his content comes in the form of podcasts, where he joins fellow life hackers in discussing their own strengths and journeys. In December, Ferriss spoke with Jamie Foxx about success habits and workout routines. Another podcast covers mindfulness and morning routines with help from Tony Robbins. I can’t get enough!

Tim Ferriss

James Altucher Blog

Last week I shared with you 18 of the most inspirational quotes about entrepreneurship from James Altucher. This guy knows how to light that fire in all of us that makes us work hard and feel great from start to finish. I think it’s because he is relatable and honest when he discusses lifestyle changes. In his blog, he covers some of the most important life lessons he’s learned and then walks us through the lessons he’s learning now. In this post from December, he talks about how he mastered a skill at which he once considered himself to be “incompetent.”

This blog has a little bit of everything. Some self-help, super empowering type of content to get you fired up along with some extremely relevant advice on new physical tools to explore for more streamlined success. With a multitude of insightful contributing writers, you never know what you’re going to learn about when you visit


Here you’ll find “Insights on making ideas happen.” It’s a collection of advice, videos, and case-studies for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and all-around life hackers. In this post by Todd Henry, you can learn how to develop your creative voice. The author suggests that you have to learn the cycle of this development and be comfortable in each phase to truly master your creative voice and produce brilliant work.

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel Chernoff are successful life coaches who identify as “admirers of the human spirit.” A main theme of this blog is breaking common boundaries we set for ourselves to achieve a more full and happy life. They stress self-empowerment, embracing failure, and overall emotional intelligence. Whether you’re aiming to be happier at work, home, or all around, Marc and Angel’s blog has useful tips and inspiration in a very down-to-earth fashion.

Marc & angel Hack Life

Save time, move on, and get going with tips from Lifehack. With featured bloggers in communication, lifestyle, money, productivity, tech, and work, this is the perfect blog to click to when I need a productive break.

Zen Habits

Meditation is a practice of mastering your mind, which can lead to more productivity and more fulfillment in what you do. This and other mindfulness tools are discussed on the Zen Habits blog. It’s all about helping you unclutter your thoughts and focus on what’s important. With these tools from blogger Leo Babauta, you can make the best of each day.

What’s your favorite life hacking blog?

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