Top 10 Social Media Courses on Udemy

Social media is a fast-paced industry and there’s always something new to learn. It can be hard keeping up with all of the algorithm changes and new social networks. Luckily, there are dozens of experienced professionals out there who make it their job to stay in tune with all the happenings in social media. Many of them even create courses to teach about changes, best-practices, and detailed social media strategies.

We’ve chosen 10 courses that are highly rated and ranked on Udemy that will help you master the art of social networking, whether for personal use or for business. These have been chosen based on the amount of reviews as well as their overall rating on Udemy’s social media search results and categories.

Check out these top 10 rated social media courses on Udemy:

Top 10 Social Media Courses on Udemy

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9 Step Social Media Strategy for Marketing and PR by Laurel Papworth

Many Marketing and Public Relations professionals want more structure than simply competitions and promotions on Facebook and broadcasting content on LinkedIn – this course will enable you to create a great social media strategy for your own business and your clients. Get on Udemy

9 Step Social Media Strategy for Marketing and PR

Social Media Marketing 2015- The Complete Certificate Course by SO ME Academy

You will receive a Udemy & SO ME Academy Certificate. Plus you will be able to apply to become a SO ME Academy Associate. Are you ready to become part of the next-generation of business leaders? Harness the power of social media for your business, organization and career. Join our latest social media course with UNLIMITED & LIFETIME access you will learn how to drive sales, attract new customers and master social media. Get on Udemy

Social Media Marketing 2015- The Complete Certificate Course

Social Media Marketing for Business by Digital Vidya

This course will give you a completely new perspective of how to leverage social media for businesses across various domains. In case you are looking at using Social Media for Customer Acquisition, Brand Building or Reputation Management, this course will set the foundation to create your strategy and start the implementation. Get on Udemy

Social Media Marketing for Business

Social Media Strategy Made Simple for Small Businesses by Darcy Sullivan

Together, we’ll go through the steps to create an easy to execute social media strategy perfect for your business. No graphic design or marketing experience needed. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a social media campaign in place, this will get you to the next level. Get on Udemy

Social Media Strategy Made Simple for Small Businesses

Social Media Monitoring by Comply Socially

Social media monitoring online conversations is the first step to an effective social media management. Learn to listen online in our NEW social media training course at social media monitoring. You can’t build a smart social media strategy if you don’t know where your customers are.

Learn how to use social monitoring tools to find the hot pockets of conversation and meet you customers on their own turf. Master the art and science of social media monitoring and strike where the iron is hot! Get on Udemy

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Marketing for Startups by Dan Martell

5 lectures from top founders and CEOs. Get social media training for your business: Dan Martell, Co-Founder of Flowtown Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Stew Langille, Vice President of Marketing at Creating Engaging Content, Laura Lippay, Search and Social Marketing Consultant Improving Your Search Rankings With Social Media, Jeff Widman, Founder of Leveraging Your Audience to Increase Your Reach, and Jonathan Strauss, Co-Founder of Optimizing and Measuring Your Impact. Get on Udemy

Social Media Marketing for Startups

Understanding Hashtags in Social Media by Jerad Hill

Hashtags help group together conversations taking place on social networks. Everybody is using them to insert their thoughts, comments or strategies into social media conversations. Each social network has its own unique way to use hashtags. Many people use these in the incorrect manner and wonder why their post doesn’t have the reach they were hoping for. This course is going to put an end to that. Get on Udemy

Understanding Hashtags in Social Media

Creating a Social Media Strategy by Hootsuite University

Social media is not a passing trend, and today every business is expected to have an active presence online. But if you’re new to it, or you’re the only one managing social media for your business, how do you know where to get started with your social media plan? HootSuite University is pleased to deliver tactical courseware on Creating a Social Media Strategy. Get on Udemy

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Use Social Bookmarking to Boost Rankings & Website Traffic by MindMekka

Get ranked rapidly and boost your website traffic with the latest and most effective Social Bookmarking techniques. Get on Udemy

Use Social Bookmarking to Boost Rankings & Website Traffic

Understanding Social Media Measurement by Miriam Slozberg

How to Measure Social Media and Become Influential Online. Get on Udemy
Understanding Social Media Measurement

Have you taken any Udemy courses on social media marketing? Share your recommendations in the comments below.


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