Top 10 Travel Hacking Books on Amazon

Want to travel the world and keep a little money in the bank? Let’s face it, traveling the globe can get expensive very quickly. To keep costs down and to keep the adventure up, we’ve collected the best travel books on Amazon.These have been chosen based on the amount of reviews as well as their overall rating on Amazon’s travel search results and categories. Travel on!

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Check out these 10 top-rated travel hacking books on Amazon.

Top Travel Books Amazon

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide: Work the Airlines’ System, Save Money, and Travel the World by James Zeller

I know you’ve seen them buzzing around in your news feed. It seems like every time you log on they’ve uploaded more pictures from their recent trips to Mexico, Europe, Thailand. I bet you even resent them a little bit, don’t you? You want to travel too, but it’s “just too expensive.” Get it on Amazon

The Travel Hacking Pocket Guide

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Revised: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter by Matt Kepnes

For over half a decade, Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) has used his massively popular travel blog to teach readers how to travel the world on the cheap. Arguing that traditional travel media lies, Matt cuts through the myth that travel is expensive. In the new edition of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matt reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets to comfortable budget travel that you won’t find anywhere else with over 100 new pages of updated content. Get it on Amazon

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

Travel Hacking: How to travel the world: The Ultimate Guide to backpacking the globe on a shoestring budget  by Dave Brett

Are you currently planning your first dream adventure? Not sure where to start? Always wondered how to travel around the world on a backpackers budget for cheap or even in some cases for free? By following the steps laid out in travel hacking, anyone can easily create a lifestyle focused towards travel. Get it on Amazon

Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking: Learn The Secrets Of The Airlines, Hack The World’s Traveling Systems & Go ANYWHERE  by DIY Improv

In This Guide You Will Learn How To Hack The Travel Systems Of The World, Bend Them At Your Will, And GO Wherever You Wish For LESS. Get it on Amazon

Travel Hacking - Learn the Secrets of the Airlines

How To Fly For Free: Practical Tips The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know  by Scott Keyes

How To Fly For Free gives you hyper-practical tips on how to travel anywhere in the world without breaking the bank. You’ll learn how to quickly rack up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles. (These tips helped me earn over 1.4 million points since 2010.) Get it on Amazon

How to Fly for Free

Flight Hacking Made Easy: An Easy To Follow System For Finding The Cheapest Flights To Anywhere Without Using Frequent Flyer Miles.  by Justin Bakker

Imagine being able to find the cheapest deals any time you fly and without using frequent flyer miles. Imagine saving almost $300 on a single flight, even after websites like tell you that you have already found the cheapest flights. Well you can stop imagining because after reading this book you’ll be able to do exactly that. Get it on Amazon

Flight Hacking Made Easy

Travel Hacking: How I saved $13k in 3 years on travel (with my wife and baby!) by Richard Monero

Travel Hacking is defined as using credit card deals and loyalty points from various airlines or hotels to book highly discount flights or stays. This book is an overview of how our family went on many holidays and on average paid about one third of the full “cash” list price. This was the usual holiday stuff of flying, hiring cars and staying in hotels. The experience was also typically better than full price, due to hotel upgrades due to loyalty point membership. Get it on Amazon

Travel Hacking - How I saved $13k in 3 Years on Travel

The Best Travel Hacking Guide: Find out how your credit cards can get you the best flights and hotel rooms for free!  by J. F. Warden

The Best Travel Hacking Guide is based on the principle that little decisions can change your life. This easy-to-use, step-by-step guide will allow you to visit your dream destinations. J.F. Warden reveals his best secrets, tips and tricks on budget traveling. After reading this book, the only travel agent you’ll ever need is yourself. The travel industry has created an illusion where vacations are spent at Five Star hotels, eating at classy restaurants and going on travel tours every day. We’re made to believe that if we don’t spend that type of money while traveling, we won’t be having a good time. Get it on Amazon

The Best Travel Hacking Guide


Have Life – Will Travel: How to Work and Travel, Find Jobs Overseas and Travel for Next to Nothing by Simon Marks

This working abroad guide provides actionable advice in a straight forward manner. It takes inspiration from numerous interviews with people who have achieved successful international work, the authors own experience, as well as a huge amount of secondary research from the internet and the real world. Get it on Amazon

Have Life Will Travel

Beyond the Grind: How to Do Work That Matters, Travel The World For Free, And Escape The Daily Grind Before It’s Too Late.  by Dave Rogenmoser

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, a student with big dreams, or an aspiring entrepreneur… Discover how you can skip “the rut” and live the life of purpose and freedom the skeptics say is “unrealistic”. Get it on Amazon

Beyond the Grind
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