5 Life Hacks to Become a Traveling Nomad

Ever wanted to travel the world? Live a freedom lifestyle? Become a globe trotting digitaltina grilic traveling nomadnomad?

Follow the time-tested techniques to travel the world – no matter the budget – from experienced traveling nomads such as Tina Girlic

Tina Grilc is a traveller and helps women entrepreneurs create the lifestyle they desire in order to have a fulfilling life, not just a career.


Below Tina shared her 5 best life hacks to become a traveling nomad. Read through get 80% discount on Tina’s travel hacking online course on Udemy.

Join virtual workforce

Whether you are a software engineer, web designer, translator, photographer, coach, etc., you can work with your team and clients through the Internet. You can work one-on-one via Skype and find work on freelance web sites, such as Your hostel room or a local coffee shop will be your office during the day and in your free time you can explore the city and the countryside of basically any country in the world!

You don’t need to give up your job or your career in order to see the world for a year or maybe even longer. All you need to do, is set up your own business that can be run from anywhere in the world. Sounds too good to be true, right?:)

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Do Voluntary work

A great way to see the world is to work as a volunteer. This way, you lower your costs, get in touch with the locals and gain work experience. Most importantly, you can find various projects where your contribution will significantly improve the lives of people for the better (

Start a travel blog

A great way to share your crazy stories from travels is to start a blog. People back at home love to read travel blogs to escape the routine in their cubicles and to get a valuable travel hacking information. You can start a blog for free, on websites such as

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Share a car

Especially if traveling on your own, renting a car might be a bit pricy in some countries and it gets really boring. Why not share a car with somebody else? You only have to pay for the gas and you get to meet exciting people. If you google it, check also under carpooling (in Europe:,

In the States, you can rent a car that a person is not using at the moment (because they are on vacation) and they left it at the airport (

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Become a camper for 1 dollar a day?!?

Yup, that’s possible as well. If you are traveling in the “wrong” direction (e.g. the other way a popular route that everybody else is traveling), you can rent a camper that needs to be brought to its original destination for a really low price. Sometimes they even give you money for the gas.

The downside of this method is that you are often limited in the number of days you need to return the camper. This way of traveling is popular in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. (,

You can find more travel tips from Tina in her online course: Work Your Way around the World – Proven Tips for Travellers <– use the link to get 80 % off for the first 10 students only!

Hope you found something that works well for you.

What are your favorite travel hacks?

Happy travels!


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